So many of us have switched our style based on the hit tv show!  I get so many requests for the fixer upper farmhouse style decorating items.  I just can’t keep them all in stock.  My store still has lots of unique one of a kind antique and vintage decorating products that you can reach from the link on the pull down menu at the top but here are some other goodies to check out.  


10 easy and inexpensive ways to get the fixer upper farmhouse look on a budget. Or just use what you have and here's how. Vintage American Home blog.Here are the links to get the chandelier, the wall sconces, the black pedestal and the flower basket that are in the photo above.


Vintage American Home Farmhouse items for sale when you have a fixer upper.

I really love this  cool large black tray, you will see it in a lot of my photos.  It has so many uses and it passes both the metal and the black color essentials for getting the fixer upper look.  It also meets the need to follow my other decorating rule  – “If you like it than you’ll want to put a tray under it”  In other words  your favorite accent items will look even better when gathered on a tray.    The three terrarium like cages  make a great architectural statement.  What are they for?  Not really sure but they look great alone or together.  The Virgin Mary plaque is also in this photo as is the iron bottle holder.


How to get the Fixer Upper look at Vintage American

Lots of metal accessories in tones of greys, teal, blacks and bronzes are essential to the farmhouse and fixer upper style in a room.  Think of what you can spray paint in your home.  My daughter, Emily, spray painted all the door knobs and the old cheap brass ceiling lights using Rustoleum hammered black or oil rubbed bronze spray paint.  Here are the links to the cute little accessories in the photo above.  The blue pedestal on the right elevates anything from a cake to a favorite decoration.  The adorable clock with the bird on top seems to go in any room.  The two tiered tray has been one of my popular display items,  in this photo it holds the three little blossom bottles in a metal basket.

Decorate with the Fixer Upper Look - Products available online at Vintage American

Elevate it!  The metal pedestals and the heavy acanthus leaf pedestals are used to lift ordinary objects to a more dramatic position.  Lots of items you already have can be used for this purpose,  a stack of books or an upside down candle holder supporting a small dish.  Here is where you can get the heavy pedestal and the footed metal pedestals.


41" Round Metal Compass Wall Décor, Red #DE6069 for your fixer upper or porch for sale $150

Well here is the fun photo of my back porch dressed up for winter.  I told you where I got that great black tray above.  The wood turned candlesticks are so cool but the dramatic metal compass rose really takes center stage.  Here is another view of the compass rose below.  Vintage farm style rustic chic wedding bridal shower decorating with white tulips in glavanzied caddie and compass rose

Here is where you can get this fabulous compass rose.  I put those white tulips in the utensil and flatware caddy.  I used little plastic drink cups to hold the water for each of the flowers. 

These are some of the choices my daughter is thinking of buying for Farmhouse stools for her new kitchen.  It is so hard to figure out which height is the best for counter stools.  Mine are 26 3/4 ” tall and are comfortable.  These choices are either 24″ tall or 29″ tall.  Is it best to cut down the taller ones? Here are some choices.  I also think that the stools with two sets of braces on the bottom would be sturdier.