Using Costco Cabinets to renovate my Kitchen on a budget We bought a vacation house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  We fell in love with the natural beauty of the property and the Williamsburg cottage feel of the house.  Even though we knew the house needed work, we didn’t know how much.  We couldn’t take our eyes off the bald eagles that soared above and the sparkling water for long enough to really inspect the house.

Looking at the view and ignoring the condition of the house we were buying.

Looking at the view and not looking at how bad the house really was. It was more of a fixer upper than we thought it was.

Once we purchased the house on a snowy and cold winter’s day we realized we were in for much more than we realized and the home inspector didn’t provide the information we needed to know before we bought the house.  (I could say more about that but now now!).  So needless to say we had bitten off more than we could chew even though we are a family of fixer upper types.

The kitchen had nice stainless steel appliances and what I thought were decent white cabinets.  I though I could live with the mauve granite counters and the orange toned tile floors for a while. The kitchen before we tore it apart and took down two walls. Orange floors and mauve granite. Excited for the new cabinets that are going to come from Costco. Unfortunately the cabinets were filthy and couldn’t be cleaned that well. On closer inspection the particle board doors were coming apart in some places.  The worst part of the kitchen was that there were walls which closed it off from the living room and more importantly the water view.Transforming a kitchen using the online cabinets from Costco

Since we were coming up with a lot of unforeseen expenses like electric and foundation issues, the kitchen was not a top priority.  But one thing led to another and we ended up tearing out the old cabinets as well as the walls. Using Costco cabinets purchased online to remodel a kitchen. This is after the walls were removed. We saved the appliances and the hardware from the cabinets.  By tearing up the floor we were able to have the sagging joists under the house replaced.  That led to new hardwood floors in the now great room.  So we moved the plumbing and changed the configuration of the appliances and sink.  We also got a lot of extra room by eliminating a large foyer that was really just wasted space.

But the whole project really started when I found the Costco Kitchen Cabinet site.  I was able to price out the cabinets I needed plus they were on sale and as a Costco member I got an additional discount.  The price made the whole project seem more affordable than I thought.

So I figured out which cabinets would fit and where they would go.  They have a lot of choices and sizes but they are not custom.  It is a bit like building a jigsaw puzzle and it is not that hard.  You can call them for help but I didn’t need to call.  I did call about the delivery to be sure it was going to happen when I thought it would.  The people were nice.  So I added everything to my cart and hit “confirm” and bought the cabinets.  Well it was a little confusing because you had to pay Costco in a strange method.  It took me a while to understand what was going on.

So we hurried to get ready for the cabinets because they only took a few weeks to arrive.  We worked as fast as we could to be prepared.

Getting ready for the delivery of the Costco cabinets we bought online.They actually arrived on the day that the initial order said they would arrive.  The new house is down a long and winding narrow road, I was nervous that the tractor trailer would fit.  But the brave driver made it.  He actually called me when he was 30 minutes away. Costco Kitchen cabinets being delivered by UPS. My sons and my husband met the driver at the end of the driveway.  I could not have done this part without a man to help.  Or actually two men!  They used a hand truck to move the individually boxed cabinets to the house.  They say to check the boxes for any obvious exterior damage but they seemed in pretty good shape. Review of Costco online kitchen cabinets. We used the van to bring the cabinets down the driveway to the house.

We got them inside and unboxed them.  It took a while because they were pretty well packed.

The cabinets were all in good shape but we realized that one cabinet which was the most expensive was cracked and out of square.  The drawers did not close evenly.  So we took photos of the cabinet and the next day I called All Wood Cabinets.  The woman told me to email the photos to her and a new cabinet was sent.  It arrived the very next week!This is the cabinet that was replaced within a week from All wood Cabinets.


So I would have to say that I am very pleased  with the purchase.  All Wood Cabinets from Costco were easy to order, the quality was good and the appearance is very pretty. The soft close drawers are very nice.  The cabinets I chose were Nantucket Polar White. Building the kitchen with kitchen cabinets from Costco purchased online.  I used Sherwin Williams Pure White to paint the sides of the island that my husband built.  (I will tell about that on another post.). I used the same paint to touch up the crown molding.  We bought the crown molding from All Wood Cabinets from Costco and it came finished but needed to be touched up after it was nailed in.  Pure White is not a totally exact match but it is very close.

The counter top is black pearl granite in a leathered or brushed finish.  The hardware was taken off of the existing cabinets but I needed a few extra handles so I got them from Amazon.

The sink and the appliances were from the existing kitchen.

The lanterns are Kichler.

I wanted a farm sink but stuck with the old sink to keep the costs down.  But All Wood Cabinets does have a farm sink base cabinet!  Do you want to know how much the whole purchase of cabinets cost?

I hope this review helped you make decisions on renovating your kitchen!