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Best Paint colors for the Urban Farmhouse Look. Renovating a fixer upper and need to know what colors will look best? Designer paint colors. Prettiest choices.

The most important thing to consider if you want to paint your walls or trim and try to get the fixer upper Farmhouse decorating style is to think “Cool”!

"Cool colors" white, grey and blue, for the Farmhouse look

“Cool colors” white, grey and blue, for the Farmhouse Look.

For many years we have recommended warm paint colors for home colors.  There are two types of neutrals warm and cool. The Farmhouse Look definitely has the cool look.  Primarily this fabulous style consists of shades of white and grays.
So choose whites that are not on the yellow side and choose neutrals that are not on the gold side.

The main “color” that I love to use is a pale bluish grey that has hints of green.  Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay is the color and Sea Salt is one of the most popular fixer upper colors there is, along with Silver Strand.

Sea salt for the best Farmhouse color

Sea Salt

With all of these greyish bluish greens you can’t tell what color it exactly is, especially at night or on cloudy days versus sunny days.

My favorite color is Sherwin Williams Watery.

Best paint colors to get the Farmhouse Look.

Watery is my favorite color.

Best colors for the Farmhouse look.

Ceiling is Benjamin Moore Sea Horse and Cabinets are Antique Jade by Benjamin Moore.  I like the Benjamin Moore Aura Paint with a Satin finish for the walls and eggshell finish for the trim.  If you buy it online you can just send a message to the paint store and specify the color you want.  

Some of my favorite grey colors are Benjamin Moore colors.  I especially love “Revere Pewter”.

Thanksgiving centerpiece in dining room w\painted with revere pewter

Revere Pewter on the Walls from my dining room.  I have been really happy with Revere Pewter.  It is a warmer grey than most so it doesn’t feel cold with the traditional feel of the room.  We just used it in my daughter’s house too.


Gray Owl is one of the favorite grays for the Farmhouse look.

Gray Owl by Ben Moore, is one of the favorite grays for the fixer upper Farmhouse look.

Pale Oak

Try Pale Oak by Benjamin Moore  as a pretty grey that is a little lighter..

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore is probably my favorite grey and great to use to get the look that Joanna Gaines gets on her wonderful Fixer Upper Show.

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore is probably my favorite grey and great to use to get the look that the painters use for the fixer upper Farmhouse look.

Sherwin Williams “Alabaster White” is the  go to “white color”.
Alabaster white is said to be the preferred white for the Farmhouse Look.

Alabaster white is said to be the preferred white for the fixer upper Farmhouse Look.

Getting the Fixer Upper Farmhouse look is easy if you think grey, white and pale blue.  Add in some wood furnishings that have a natural stain or stripped wood look.  Here are some of the pictures of my newly redecorated showroom.

Upholstered Linen chair from Vintage American Home

Bleeker Beige by Sherwin Williams on the trim

Here is photos of my kitchen that I am finally getting up.  I wanted to update it but I could not paint the cabinets (my husband refused).  The wall color is “Wedgewood Grey”  the trim is “Gull”  (was from Home Depot).  The trim has a little bit of grey in it so it is a little cooler than the warmer white that I have used elsewhere called “Navajo White”  by Benjamin Moore.  Anyway I think it helped to update the look.  Blue goes with brown doesn’t it?

Best paint color when you have to keep your cabinets brown

Wedgewood Grey helped me update my kitchen.

Blue paint goes with brown cabinets.

Wedgewood grey with Gull trim.

Wedgewwod Grey goes well but so does Watery, Palladium blue and Silver Strand

I think the blue walls helped update the stained wood cabinets.

Silver Strand paint color

Pictures are from Christmas but you can see a little more of the Blue walls and the creamy white trim.

The color Watery by Sherwin Williams on the walls. Which paint colors are the best if you are fixing up a fixer upper or beach house.

Here is the color “watery” in this bedroom which is more coastal than farmhouse style but it gives you an idea of what it looks like.

So if you want to start to get this “feel” in your newly painted room, start with one of these recommended colors.

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 (Remember to test your paint on the wall – the color can look different than pictures on the internet).  But try Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue for these shutters.

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