Winter Porch Ideas with large compass roseLast fall I knew I had to do something about my back porch.  It was time to put the turquoise and green cushions away and clean up the leaves that had wandered onto the porch.  I just didn’t feel like closing it up for winter yet.  So I somehow got this inspiration to redecorate the porch for winter!  I suddenly got all of this energy and enthusiasm!  I started pulling off everything that was summer and then went around the house finding stuff that looked lodge ish and adirondackish!

This year I made a few additions. The compass rose sign came into the store and I thought what a great addition to the back porch.

Adirondack Back Porch Decor

Redecorated my porch for winter





Christmas Porch

Redecorated my porch for winter

Yes I went a little crazy!  I even pulled the blue coffee table -that used to be a kitchen table (My husband cut the legs off)- out into the back yard and spray painted it red.



I had an old mahogany pedestal table that was scratched on the top and spray painted that in about 5 minutes too.


Adirondack Style Porch.jpg

Redecorated my porch for winter

I raided my son’s closet for flannel shirts and covered up some summer pillows!  then I made an emergency trip to Homegoods for some more pillows and found the felt ones with the reindeer.  Now there was no turning back.  The porch was turning into an Adirondack Mountain retreat!



I even bought some cute Christmas table runners and cut them up to make more pillows.

Christmas Back Porch Transformation

Redecorated my porch for winter




I gathered up all the lanterns I had and added my Mystique candles!  The cozy look makes you feel like the porch is warm even though we have had an early winter here in Pennsylvania.  You can look out at the porch and enjoy the charming look instead of the usual piled up leaves, and accumulated stuff that usually lingers over the winter at my house until the spring thaw and clean up.  Despite the throw blankets no one has really spent too much time out there but we can imagine that we might do it!!

Christmas Back Porch

Redecorated my porch for winter

Decorate your back porch for winter. Red compass rose, metal tray and candle holders for sale at Vintage American Home.