Here is a great and easy tip for expert decorating and style in the home.  Gather all of your little tidbits, knick knacks,  decorations, collectibles and brick a brack and cozy it all up together on a tray.  Together,  on a tray all decor items look cohesive, pulled together and special.  It looks like they were meant to be together and the entire vignette takes on a larger more important focal point than just the items by themselves.  All of the images are from Pinterest.silverplatetray

Here a group of books ties together, candlesticks and a little pot and bird look like they are the most artistic vignette but if they were just sitting on a table separately the impact would not be as appealing.


tray with books



Piled up books on a tray?  Who would have thought this could be so good looking?


Now you know that three silver pomegranates just sitting on a table would not be as cute as the same things gathered on a tray.

trayAll of these would look nice on the coffee table but placed in the wicker tray they take on another level of importance. trays wood trayHere some items on the tray are on their own tray.  Tray on tray!

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