Vintage American Home is an accumulation of a love of design and all things pretty -plus creative ideas that fill my head and keep me from getting other stuff done.  I have an appreciation for the innovative ideas of others, and the beauty and history that surrounds us here in our wonderful country.

Vintage American Home, in West Chester, Pa.,  is also the product of many years of decorating and homestaging houses, as well as selling home decor and vintage and antique furnishings across the internet.  Especially appreciated by VAH is the quality that comes with the “Made in America” label.  In the furniture and home decor business this usually means vintage and antique because there is almost nowhere that these products are still made in this country.

I also enjoy the new “Farmhouse” look and am now carrying an assortment of NEW products that mimic the look of Vintage American Farmhouse style and French Country designs.

Please enjoy the photos, browse the items for sale in our shop and don’t hesitate to contact us.  We ship across the U.S. – let us know if we can help you.

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