Beautiful Bedrooms


Shiplap and mosquito netting! Sleep soundly without fear of a bite from a Zika mosquit     Is Mary Poppins going to pop into this beautiful bedroom next? There are so many elements to this bedroom which make you feel like falling into one of the beds and taking a long [...]

My daughter Emily is helping me!


Since I have been having some medical issues, I have re-enlisted the help of my daughter Emily.  Yes my son's Jason and John are still helping, as is my trusty husband, Eddie.   Emily is an art teacher and artist.  She is doing alot to help me paint furniture, work on the showroom and select [...]

What is Brocante & Why is it Popular?


We all love "Brocante" even though we may not know what it means.  "Brocante" means Second Hand  in French!  In the USA we call it Vintage, Shabby Chic or Repurposed if it is referring to home decor. The idea of French Brocante is a more romantic term for using vintage pieces to decorate out homes. [...]

Williamsburg Style – you know I love it


Vintage American Home Christmas Dining room Williamsburg Style at Vintage American Home - Oh the beautiful colors. I think I have been to Williamsburg 13 times over the years!  I guess I fell in love with the place when I travelled there during college with the Villanova Band for a game [...]

Using Traditional Furniture in a Modern Home


What do those of us who love traditional American made furniture do when decorating styles change? Using traditional furniture and antiques in modern decor - Vintage American Home blog I love figured mahogany woods and tiger maple, antiques and colonial reproductions.  The American made furnishings of old and from more recent years are [...]

Where can you sell your own furniture?


  January is a great time to clean out, reorganize and re decorate.  I like to get going on indoor projects at this time of year because pretty soon it will be time for Mother's Day, gardening, graduations and vacations!  (I can't wait).  But now is the time to be inside and concentrate on those [...]