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My products are now available at a new site!2021-03-18T15:50:42-04:00

Blush Pink Vintage Bridal Shower for my daughter Emily


Well here are the photos from my daughter Emily's beautiful bridal shower.  Thanks to alot of friends and my family I was able to pull it off.  The shower turned out to be a dream of mine realized because of all of the support plus my crazy creative and driven brain which doesn't want to [...]

Blush Pink Vintage Bridal Shower for my daughter Emily2017-02-06T13:54:08-05:00

Fall Decorating Time


Well this fall I couldn't find my sunflower wreath and the pumpkins I painted last year.  So some girlfriends were coming for lunch and the spring summer wreath  etc. were still on the door.  I took all of that down in a hurry.  I found an old grapevine wreath and hung it on the black [...]

Fall Decorating Time2017-02-06T13:54:08-05:00

2015 My Christmas House Tour


I am finally getting around to trying to show photos of my house in one post to give you an idea of the whole picture.  Please take the tour and I hope it inspires your decorating ideas for Christmas.  Though I am most in favor of Remembering the meaning of the Season!  So enjoy yourself [...]

2015 My Christmas House Tour2017-02-06T13:54:08-05:00

Paint Color for my Dining Room


I keep getting questions about colors to paint on walls in rooms that are near  other rooms that have a bluish wall color.  I finally painted my dining room (with the help of my kids and husband).  There were many different samples on the wall.  It got so bad I had to paint it.  The [...]

Paint Color for my Dining Room2017-02-06T13:54:08-05:00

5 Spring Tablescapes


Hoping to inspire with some bright spring table settings and ideas! I love this place setting especially because of the little burlap cutlery pocket placed over a napkin which has some tan colors in it. The plate or charger matches the color closely.   Using a coral colored charger behind the floral plate really sets it [...]

5 Spring Tablescapes2017-02-06T13:54:09-05:00

DIY Easter Banner


My daughter Emily made this adorable Easter banner for her apartment.  I will try to give the instructions she gave me.   I will try to get more specifics but the first thing she did was print the bunny images she found online.     She pasted the images onto cardstock and cut them out [...]

DIY Easter Banner2017-02-06T13:54:09-05:00

Spring Decorating is Here!


  Winter is gone and spring is finally here.  So the first place to make changes is the front door.  The front door is the first thing guests see.  And let's face it - the first thing you see when coming home.  Make it cheerful and welcoming.   For these planters I always use a [...]

Spring Decorating is Here!2017-02-06T13:54:09-05:00

Spring and Easter Decorating Ideas


Get ready for spring!  I do not like the dark days and look forward to turning the clocks ahead and having longer daylight hours.  How about you? Here are some photos of some of the spring and Easter ideas I have used over the years.  There are other articles if you pull down the blog [...]

Spring and Easter Decorating Ideas2017-02-06T13:54:09-05:00

Easter Bunnies under Glass


I got this glass and metal terrarium at Home Goods on Clearance because some of the glass panels were missing.  I knew my husband could cut glass and replace the missing panels.  He did -thankfully.Then I had to think of something to put inside.  I don't like to mess with indoor plants.   Here it is [...]

Easter Bunnies under Glass2017-02-06T13:54:09-05:00