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Tour 10 Country Estate Mansions


Do you ever wonder about the interiors of the most gorgeous country estates?  Here is a sampling of 10 luxurious country mansions. 1.  The Gabled Country Estate Wow, look at this beautiful country estate with it's gabled roofs, stone chimneys, grand pergola and elegant pool.  I love that outdoor fireplace. Here is the same view [...]

Tour 10 Country Estate Mansions2021-01-21T19:39:10-05:00

Review of Costco All Wood Cabinetry


We bought a vacation house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  We fell in love with the natural beauty of the property and the Williamsburg cottage feel of the house.  Even though we knew the house needed work, we didn't know how much.  We couldn't take our eyes off the bald eagles that soared above [...]

Review of Costco All Wood Cabinetry2021-01-21T19:34:15-05:00

Beautiful Bedrooms


Shiplap and mosquito netting! Sleep soundly without fear of a bite from a Zika mosquit     Is Mary Poppins going to pop into this beautiful bedroom next? There are so many elements to this bedroom which make you feel like falling into one of the beds and taking a long [...]

Beautiful Bedrooms2021-01-21T19:42:23-05:00

My friend Maryellen’s House- She has the touch!


It is a lucky day when you get invited to my friend Maryellen's home!  Because you know it will always be a delightful visit.Just inside the door is the beautifully set table.  (Not to be confused with the other dining room table)Maryellen has a wonderful assortment of table cloths, napkins, placemats and napkin rings.  Every [...]

My friend Maryellen’s House- She has the touch!2017-02-06T13:54:09-05:00

Tour of one of the Prettiest Beach Houses Ever


Can't you just imagine reading your Beach book on the porch of this dreamy coastal retreat.  Check out those gas lanterns, the shutter, the lamps. Fantastic details on this beautiful home - the brick work, the shutters, the lanterns, the transom windows! This is a dream beach bedroom isn't it. Notice how the walls were [...]

Tour of one of the Prettiest Beach Houses Ever2017-02-06T13:54:09-05:00

Tour one of my Favorite Beach Houses


This beautiful home is in Water Color which is in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico.  It is for sale or for rent.  This home has fabulous coastal decor.  It is casual yet sophisticated.  I really want to go on a vacation to this home.  This is a picture of the kitchen but it looks [...]

Tour one of my Favorite Beach Houses2017-02-06T13:54:09-05:00

Seaside Designer Home Tour with Coastal Appeal


Here is a gorgeous home in South Walton, Florida which exudes coastal charm, high end finishes and designer touches.Laid back beachy decor makes for a relaxing retreat. Neutral color pallets add to the serenity.Designer kitchen at the beach adds to the feeling of luxury. One of two porches for alfresco dining. Open floor plan is perfect [...]

Seaside Designer Home Tour with Coastal Appeal2017-02-06T13:54:09-05:00