Lighting your Fixer Upper- Choosing Light Fixtures that get you the Look!


One of the absolute most fun parts of decorating or redecorating for me is choosing lighting.  I can't have enough light fixtures and lamps.  If I had taller ceilings in my house I would have a chandelier in every room.  as it is I push the envelope every time and squeeze in a chandelier here [...]

How to Update your Kitchen to Farmhouse Style- new or existing!


Do you love the new farmhouse style?  Are you renovating a fixer upper, designing a new kitchen or just wanting to update your look? Here are some ideas to breakdown some of the essentials or **wishes and daydreams :)** to get the Farm style look in your kitchen.   1. White or cream cabinets:  If [...]

My Daughter and Son in law’s condo is for sale! $150k


(UPdate - it sold in four days but stay tuned to the posts about the renovation of their new house) Emily and Brooke's adorable end unit condo in a lovely development called Westridge is just outside of Phoenixville, Pa.  Lovely paint colors and updated decor show off the great room with dining room and family [...]

10 Inexpensive Ways to Decorate and get the Fixer Upper Farmhouse Look


  Now we don't all have a husband who will just tear down walls, expose long forgotten shiplap, paint everything, install new kitchens and take care of the kids while we decorate at night!  But even if we do, here are some easy ideas to get the fixer upper look on a dime one room [...]

Beautiful Bedrooms


Shiplap and mosquito netting! Sleep soundly without fear of a bite from a Zika mosquit     Is Mary Poppins going to pop into this beautiful bedroom next? There are so many elements to this bedroom which make you feel like falling into one of the beds and taking a long [...]

Blush Pink Vintage Bridal Shower for my daughter Emily


Well here are the photos from my daughter Emily's beautiful bridal shower.  Thanks to alot of friends and my family I was able to pull it off.  The shower turned out to be a dream of mine realized because of all of the support plus my crazy creative and driven brain which doesn't want to [...]

10 Front Porch Decorating Ideas


  Decorating your front porch is similar to decorating any room in the house.  Chairs, sofas, coffee table and end tables arranged in seating areas create comfortable vignettes.  Even a rug on the porch floor helps to add coziness and anchor the furniture.  This coastal porch is my "turquoise" wicker theme.  Believe it or not [...]

Fall Decorating Time


Well this fall I couldn't find my sunflower wreath and the pumpkins I painted last year.  So some girlfriends were coming for lunch and the spring summer wreath  etc. were still on the door.  I took all of that down in a hurry.  I found an old grapevine wreath and hung it on the black [...]

“Fixer upper” style Products now available on line!


Some of the products that they use on the various decorating shows are now available to order online from my store.  Visit the SHOP menu at the top of this page to see the products.   Go to my SHOP icon at the top menu to see some of the products and other similar vintage pieces. [...]

Fixer Upper Farmhouse Style – update in just One Room


I  love the new Farmhouse style from the hit show on HGTV.  Well my home is mostly Williamsburg style although I have updated it with paint colors and some other  additions.  I wanted to have the Fixed up look too but - well I can't have everything and my husband would flip out if I [...]