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Olof Rudbeck prints for sale


Shop olof rudbeck Famed Swedish artist from the 1600's was an accomplished botanist and scholar.  His drawings and paintings are lovely but his birds are desired and rare collectibles.  Used by high end decorators and designers the birds are striking in that their backgrounds are white.  The primitive style is charming.  The difference between them [...]

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Lighting your Fixer Upper- Choosing Light Fixtures that get you the Look!


One of the absolute most fun parts of decorating or redecorating for me is choosing lighting.  I can't have enough light fixtures and lamps.  If I had taller ceilings in my house I would have a chandelier in every room.  as it is I push the envelope every time and squeeze in a chandelier here [...]

Lighting your Fixer Upper- Choosing Light Fixtures that get you the Look!2021-01-21T19:35:53-05:00

How to Update your Kitchen to Farmhouse Style- new or existing!


Do you love the new farmhouse style?  Are you renovating a fixer upper, designing a new kitchen or just wanting to update your look? Here are some ideas to breakdown some of the essentials or **wishes and daydreams :)** to get the Farm style look in your kitchen.   1. White or cream cabinets:  If [...]

How to Update your Kitchen to Farmhouse Style- new or existing!2021-01-21T19:36:53-05:00

Tour 10 Country Estate Mansions


Do you ever wonder about the interiors of the most gorgeous country estates?  Here is a sampling of 10 luxurious country mansions. 1.  The Gabled Country Estate Wow, look at this beautiful country estate with it's gabled roofs, stone chimneys, grand pergola and elegant pool.  I love that outdoor fireplace. Here is the same view [...]

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Emily’s Wedding Flowers- Traditional, pastel peonies, hydrangeas and roses.


Well this is going to take me a long time to get this whole blog post done!  Emily and Brooke were married in July.  The planning took about 6 months but possibly had been occurring for 26 years?  Where to start? Should we start with the flowers?  The dress?  The venue?  The Mass? Well why [...]

Emily’s Wedding Flowers- Traditional, pastel peonies, hydrangeas and roses.2021-01-21T19:38:17-05:00

Review of Costco All Wood Cabinetry


We bought a vacation house on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  We fell in love with the natural beauty of the property and the Williamsburg cottage feel of the house.  Even though we knew the house needed work, we didn't know how much.  We couldn't take our eyes off the bald eagles that soared above [...]

Review of Costco All Wood Cabinetry2021-01-21T19:34:15-05:00

Best Way to Care for Soapstone


I finally found the best product to care for my soapstone counters after all the years. Love my beautiful soapstone counters and farm sink.  I have had them for about 20 years, long before farm sinks were popular.  But the downside of this lovely natural stone is that it is soft, it [...]

Best Way to Care for Soapstone2017-02-07T07:22:53-05:00

Best Fixer Upper products at great prices!


So many of us have switched our style based on the hit tv show!  I get so many requests for the fixer upper farmhouse style decorating items.  I just can't keep them all in stock.  My store still has lots of unique one of a kind antique and vintage decorating products that you can reach [...]

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